Poemas & Citações

Aqui estão alguns excertos - escolhidos por mim - dos mais bonitos e fortes poemas e das mais belas e fortes frases proferidas pelos U2.
Here's some samples - chosen by me - of the most beautiful and powerful poems and sentences uttered by U2.

And I felt like a star
I felt the world could go far
If they listened
To what I said

The Ocean

Do you feel in me...
Anything redeeming
Any worthwhile feeling
Is love like a tightrope
Hanging from the ceiling

Shadows And Tall Trees

I try to sing this song
I... I try to stand up
But I can't find my feet
I try, I try to speak up
But only in You I'm complete


Won't you be back tomorrow
Won't you be back tomorrow
Will you be back tomorrow
Open up, open up
To the lamb of God
To the love of He who made
The light to see you
He's coming back
He's coming back
I believe it
Jesus coming


Oh, and where do we go
Where do we go from here
Where to go
To the side of a hill
Blood was spilt
We were still looking
At each other
I wanna go
To the foot of the Messiah
To the foot of he who made me see
To the side of a hill
Where we were still
We were filled
With our love

With A Shout (Jerusalem)

"- There's been a lot of talk about this [next] song..."
"- This song is not a revol song...
This song is: Sunday, Bloody Sunday..."

Broken bottles under children's feet
Bodies strewn across the dead end street
But I won't heed the battle call
It puts my back up
Puts my back up against the wall
And the battle's just begun
There's many lost, but tell me who has won
The trench is dug within our hearts
And mothers, children, brothers, sisters
Torn apart
"- Fuck the revolution !..."
And it's true we are immune
When fact is fiction and TV reality
And today the millions cry
We eat and drink while tomorrow they die
The real battle just begun
To claim the victory Jesus won
On a...

Sunday Bloody Sunday,
Sunday Bloody Sunday...

Sunday Bloody Sunday

And they're doing the atomic bomb
Do they know where the dance comes from ?
Yes they're doing the atomic bomb
And they want you to sing along
Say goodbye, say goodbye
Say goodbye
Say goodbye.


Under a blood red sky
A crowd has gathered in black and white
Arms entwined, the chosen few
The newspapers says, says
Say it's true it's true...
And we can break through
Though torn in two
We can be one

New Year's Day

And we love to wear a badge, a uniform
And we love to fly a flag
But I won't... let others live in hell
As we divide against each other
And we fight amongst ourselves
Too set in out ways to try to rearrange
Too right to be wrong, in this rebel song
Let the bells ring out
Let the bells ring out
Is there nothing left
Is there, is there nothing
Is there nothing left
Is honesty what you want
A generation without name, ripped and torn
Nothing to lose, nothing to gain
Nothing at all
And if you can't help yourself
Well take a look around you
When others need your time
You say it's time to go... it's your time
Angry words won't stop the fight
Two wrongs won't make it right
A new heart is what I need
Oh God, make it bleed
Is there nothing left...

Like A Song

Take my hand
You know I'll be there
If you can
I'll cross the sky for your love
For I have promised
Oh, to be with you tonight
And for the time that will come
Take my hand
You know I'll be there
If you can
I'll cross the sky for your love
And I understand
These winds and tides
This change of times
Won't drag you away
Hold on, and hold on tightly
Hold on, and don't let go
Of my love
Take my hand
You know I'll be there
If you can
I'll cross the sky for your love
Give you what I hold dear

Drawning Man

In the evening
She is waiting
Waiting for her man to come
And take her by her hand
And take her to this promise land

The Refugee

I don't know
I don't know which side I'm on
I don't know my right from left
Or my right from wrong
Say I'm a fool
You say I'm not for you
But if I'm a fool for you
Oh, that's something
They beat on black, beat on white
Beat on everything don't get it right
Beat on you, beat on me, beat on love
I don't know
How to say what's got to be said
I don't know if it's black or white
There's others see it red
I don't get the answers right
I'll leave that to you
Is this love out of fashion
Or is it the time of year
Are these words distraction
To the words you wanna hear

Two Hearts Beat As One

I talk to you
You walk away
You're still on the down beat
You say you don't want my help
But you get hurt, scared
If your running from yourself
It's your own late show
As you jump to the street below
But where can you go
To leave yourself behind
Alone in the spotlight
Of this, your own tragedy
I pour my love out for you
And I'll bring you through
See ?
You're not alone

Red Light

I waited patiently for the Lord
He inclined and heard my cry
He brought me up out of the pit
Out of the mire and clay
He set my feet upon a rock
And made my footsteps firm
Many will see
Many will see and fear


I have a heart,
A heart that beats inside
When I was three,
I thought the world revolved around me
I was wrong

Party Girl

Early morning, April 4
Shot rings out in the Memphis sky
Free at last, they took your life
They could not take your pride

Pride (In The Name Of Love)

Earth sky sea and rain
Is she coming back again
Men of straw sneak a whore
Words that build or destroy
Dirt dry bone sand and stone
Barbed-wire fence cut me down
I'd like to be around
In a spiral staircase
To the higher ground


But there's no hope, go to sleep
So hope in sleep
I'm breaking through for you and me
And you don't
No one told you to
And you found out
Where you were going to
You were through with me,
But I know you should be back for more
And you know, and no one told you how
And you cared,
And no one told, you tried
And your heart, it lift out from the side
And the rain beats down
And the shame beats down
And this rain keeps on coming down
And this time is right.
Don't let them push you by,
You're going to go join God

Elvis Presley And America

Sleep, sleep tonight.
And may your dreams
Be realized
If the thunder cloud
Passes rain
So let it rain, rain down him
So let it be

Sleep, Sleep tonight
And may your dreams be realized
If the thundercloud passes rain,
So let it rain
Let it rain, rain on him


I was on the outside when you said
You said you needed me
I was looking at myself
I was blind, I could not see
A boy tries hard to be a man
His mother takes him by his hand
If he stops to think he starts to cry
Oh why ?
I was on the inside
When they pulled the four walls down
I was looking through the window
I was lost, I am found

I Will Follow

Spirit of the rising sun lift me up
Hold me there and never let me fall
Love me till I die, my heart won't wait
Soon I will be loved...

The Three Sunrises

Love don't need to find a way
You find your own way
I forget that I can't stay
And so I say that
"-All roads lead to where you are"
The seed is spilled, the bed defiled
For you, a virgin bride
Hide yourself in someone else
Don't find yourself in me

Love Comes Tumbling

I want to run
I want to hide
I want to tear down the walls
That hold me inside
I want to reach out
And touch the flame
I want to feel sunlight on my face
See that dust cloud disappear without a trace
I want to take shelter from the poison rain
Where the streets have no name

Where The Streets Have No Name

I have climbed the highest mountains
I have run through the fields
Only to be with you
I have run, I have crawled
I have scaled these city walls
Only to be with you
I have kissed honey lips
Felt the healing in her fingertips
It burned like fire
This burning desire
I have spoke with the tongue of angels
I have held the hand of a devil
It was warm as the night
I was cold as a stone
I believe in the Kingdom Come
Then all the colours will bleed into one
But yes I'm still running
You broke the bonds
You loosed the chains
You carried the cross
And my shame
You know I believe it
But I still haven't found
What I'm looking for...
"- He will lift you higher and higher
He will pick you up when you fall
He will be your shelter from the storm"

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

See the stone set in your eyes
See the thorn twist in your side
I wait for you
Slight of hand and twist of fate
On a bed of nails she makes me wait
And I wait.... without you
Through the storm we reach the shore
You give it all but I want more
And I'm waiting for you
My hands are tied
My body bruised, she's got me with
Nothing left to win
And nothing else to lose
With or without you
I can't live
With or without you...

With Or Without You

In the locust wind comes a rattle and hum
Jacob wrestled the angel and the angel was overcome
Plant a demon seed, you raise a flower of fire
See them burning crosses, see the flames, higher and higher

Bullet The Blue Sky

The glass is cut
The bottle run dry
Our love runs cold
In the caverns of the night
We're wounded by fear
Injured in doubt
I can lose myself
You I can't live without
Because you keep me holding on
In Red Hill Town as the lights go down
I'm hanging on

Red Hill Mining Town

Now kings will rule and the poor will toil
And tear their hands as they tear the soil
But a day will come in the dawning age
When an honest man sees an honest wage

Van Diemen's Land

Like a desert needs rain
Like a town needs a name
I need your love
Like a drifter needs a room
Like a rhythm unbroken
Like drums in the night
Like sweet soul music
Like sunlight
I need your love
Like the heat needs the sun
Like honey on her tongue
Like the muzzle of a gun
Like oxygen
I need your love
Like thunder needs rain
Like the preacher needs pain
Like tongues of flame
Like a blindman's cane
Like a needle in a vein
Like someone to blame
Like a thought unchained
Like a runaway train
I need your love
Like powder needs a spark
Like lies need the dark
I need your love

Hawkmoon 269

There's a rope around my neck
There's a trigger in your gun
"- Jesus say something!
I am someone!"

Silver And Gold

It was a cold and wet December day
When we touched down at JFK
Snow was melting on the ground
On BLS I heard the sound of a Angel
Birdland on 53
The street sounds like a symphony
We got John Coltrane and a love supreme
Miles and she has to be an Angel
An Angel in Devil's shoes
Salvation in the blues
You never looked like an Angel
So long... Angel Of Harlem

Angel Of Harlem

When I woke up I was sleeping in the street
I felt the world was dancing
And I was dirt beneath their feet
When I looked up I saw the devil looking down
My Lord He played the guitar the day love came to town
I was there when they crucified my Lord
I held the scabbard when the soldier drew his sword
I threw the dice when they pierced his side
But I've seen love conquer the great divide

When Love Comes To Town

Don't believe the devil I don't believe the book
But the truth is not the same without the lies he made up
I don't believe in excess success is to give
I don't believe in riches but you should see where I live
I... I believe in love
Don't believe in forced entry I don't believe in rape
I don't believe in deathrow, skidrow or the gangs
Don't believe in the Uzi just went off in my hand
Don't believe in cocaine I got a speedball in my hand
I feel like I'm falling, like I'm spinning on a wheel
It always stops beside a name a presence I can feel
I... I believe in love

God Part II

You say you want your love to work out right
To last with me through the night
You say you want a diamond on a ring of gold
Your story to remain untold
Your love not to grow old
All I want is you

All I Want Is You

Give me one more chance
And you'll be satisfied
Give me two more chances
You won't be denied
Well my heart is where it's always been
My head is somewhere in between
Give me one more chance
Let me be your lover tonight

Even Better Than The Real Thing

Is it getting better
Or do you feel the same ?
Will it make it easier on you
Now you got someone to blame ?
You say
One love
One life
When it's one need
In the night
It's one love
We get to share it
It leaves you baby
If you don't care for it
Did I disppoint you ?
Or leave a bad taste in your mouth ?
You act like you never had love
And you whant me to go withwout
Did I ask for too much ?
More than a lot ?
You gave me nothing
Now it's all I got
We're one
But we're not the same
We hurt each other
Then we do it again
Love is a temple
Love the higher law
You ask me to enter
But then you made me crawl
And I can't be holding on
To what you got
When all you got is hurt
One life
But we're not the same
We got to carry each other


I'm only hanging on
To watch you go down... my love
I disappeared in you
You disappeared from me
The men who love you, you hate the most
They pass through you like a gost
They look for you but your spirit is in the air
Baby... you're nowhere
You say in love there are no rules
You're so cruel
Her skin is pale like God's only dove
Screams like an angel for your love
Then she makes you watch her from above
And you need her like a drug
She wears my love
Like a see-through dress
Her lips say one thing
Her movements something else
Oh love
Like a screaming flower
Dying every hour
To stay with you I'd be a fool
You're so cruel

So Cruel

Nothin' much to say I guess
Just the same as all the rest
Been tryin' to throw my arms around the world
And a woman needs a man
Like a fish needs a bicycle
When you're tryin' to throw your arms around the world

Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World

You bury your treasure
Where it can't be found
But your love is like a secret
That's been passed around
There is a silence that comes to a house
Where no one can sleep
I guess it's the price of love
I know it's not cheap

Ultra Viloet (Light My Way)

Don't believe what you hear
Don't believe what you see
If you just close your eyes
You can feel the enemy
When I first met you girl
You had fire in your soul
What happened your face
Of melting snow ?
Now it looks like this !
I'd break bread and wine
If there was a church I could receive in
'Cos I need it now
To take the cup
To fill it up
To drink it slow
I can't let you go
And you can dream
So dream out loud
And you can find
Your own way out
You can build
And I can will
And you can call
I can't wait until
And you can stash
And you can seize
In dreams begin
And I can love
And I can love
I know that the tide is turning 'round
... don't let the bastards grind you down


Love is blindness
I don't want to see
Won't you wrap the night
Around me
Take my heart
Love is blindness
A little of death
Without mourning
No call
And no warning
Baby... a dangerous idea
That almost makes sense
Love is drowning
In a deep well
All the secrets
And no one to tell
Take the money
Love is blindness
I don't want to see
Won't you wrap the night
Around me
Oh my love

Love Is Blindness

Don't move
Don't talk out of time
Don't think
Don't worry everything's just fine
Just fine
Don't check just balance on the fence
Don't answer
Don't ask
Don't try and make sense
Don't lie, die, serve
Don't theorize, realise, polarise,
Chance, dance, dismiss, apologise
Don't work
Don't teach
Don't reach
Don't touch
Don't suffer
Don't fantasize
Don't steal
Don't rise
I feel numb...


She's gonna make you cry
She's gonna make you whisper and moan
But when you're dry
She draws water from a stone


Dressed up like a car crash
The wheels are turning byt you're upside down
You say when he hits you, you don't mind
Because when he hurts you, you feel alive
Is that what it is ?
It's quiet and there's no one around
Just the bang and the clatter
As an angel runs to ground
Just the bang and the clatter
As an angel hits the ground

Stay (Far Away, So Close !)

You're a precious stone, you're out on your own
You know everyone in the world, but you feel alone
Daddy won't let you weep
Daddy won't let you ache
Daddy gives you as much as you can take

Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car

Some days take less, but most days take more
Some slip through your fingers and onto the floor
Some days you use more force than is necessary
Some days just drop in on us
Some days you wake up with her complaining
Some sunny days you wish it was raining
Some days are sulky some days have a grin
Some days have bouncers and won't let you in
Some days you work, most days you're lazy
Some days you feel like a bit of a baby
Lookin' for Jesus and His mother
Some days are better than others

Some Days Are Better Than Others

You want explanations...
I don't even understand
If you need someone to blame...
Throw a rock in the air
You're bound to hit someone guilty
From father to son
In one life has begun
A work that's never done
Father to son

Dirty Day

I went out walking through the streets paved with gold
Lifted some stones
Saw the skin and bones
Of a city without a soul
I went out walking under an atomic sky
Where the ground won't turn
And the rain it burns
Like the tears when I said goodbye
I went with nothing
Nothing but the thought of you
I went wandering
I went drifting through the capitals of tin
Where men can't walk
Or freely talk
And sons turn their fathers in
I stopped outside a church house
Where the citizens like to sit
They say they want the kingdom
But they don't want God in it
I went out searching, lookin' for one good man
A spirit who would not bend or break
Who would sit at his father's right hand
I went out walking with a bible and a gun
The word of God lay heavy on my heart
I was sure I was the one
Now Jesus, don't you wait up
Jesus, I'll be home soon
I left with nothing
Nothing but the thought of you...
I went wandering

The Wanderer

We thought that we had the answers
It was the questions we had wrong

11 O'Clock Tick Tock

Take the colours of my imagination
Take the scent hanging in the air
Take this tangle of a coversation
And turn it into your own prayer...
With my fingers as you want them
With my nails in your hide
With my teeth at your back
And my tongue to tell you the sweetest lies...

Do you feel loved ?
Do you feel loved ?
And it looks like the sun
But it feels like the rain...

Do You Fell Loved

Nobody else here baby
No one else here to blame
No one to point the finger...
It's just you and me and the rain...
Nobody made you do it
No one put words in your mouth...
Nobody here taking orders
When love took a train heading south...
It's the blind leading the blond
It's the stuff the stuff of country songs...

Hey if God will send His hangels
And if God will send a sign
And if God will send His Angles
Would everything be alright ?

God has got his phone off the hook babe
Would he even pick up if He could ?
It's been a while since we saw that child
Hangin' round this neighbourhood...
See His Mother dealing in a doorway
See Father Christmas with a begging bowl
Jesus sister's eyes are blister...
The high street never looked so low...

If God Will Send His Angels

Summer stretching on the grass...
Summer dresses pass
In the shade of a willow tree creeps a crawling over me
Over me and over you stuck together with God's glue...
It's going to get stickier too...
It's been a long hot summer
Let's go undercover
Don't try too hard to think...
Don't think at all...

I'm not the only one starin' at the sun
Afraid of what you'd find if you took a look inside...
Not just deaf and dumb I'm staring at the sun
Not the only one who's happy to go blind...

Staring At The Sun

You get to feel so guilty got so much for so little
Then you find that feeling just won't go away...
You're holding on to every little thing so tightly
'Till there's nothing left for you anyway...

Goodbye you can keep this suit of lights
I'll be up with the sun

You wanted to get somewhere so badly
You had to loose yourself along the way...
You change a name but that's okay... it's necessary...
And what you leave behind you don't miss anyway...

Then you discover...
What you thought was freedom is just greed...
Goodbye... no emotional goodnight...
I'll be up with the sun
Are you still holding on ?
I'm not coming down...
I'm not coming down...


If Coke is a mystery
And Michael Jackson... History...
If beauty is truth
And surgery the fountain of youth...
What am I to do ?
Have I got the gift to get me through
The gates of that mansion ?
Then will there be no time of sorrow
Then will there be no time for shame
And though I can't say why
I know I've got to believe...

We'll go driving in their pool
It's who you know that gets you through
The gates of the Playboy Mansion...

The Playboy Mansion

Tonight the moon is playing tricks again
Feeling sea sick again...
And the whole world could just dissolve...
Into a glass of water...
Tonight the moon has drawn its curtains
It's a private show no one else going to know...
I'm wanting...

Sunlight sunlight fills my room
It's sharp and it's clear
But nothing at all like the moon...

It's okay... the struggle for things not to say
I never listened to you anyway
And I got my own hands to pray...

But if you wear that velvet dress...
But if you wear that velvet dress...

If You Wear That Velvet Dress

So you never knew love until you crossed the line of grace
And you never felt wanted 'till you had someone slap your face
So you never felt alive until you almost wasted away...
Please... please... please get up off your knees...
Please... please... leave me out of this... please...

So you never knew how long you'd stoop to make that call
And you never knew what was on the ground 'till they made you crawl
So you never knew that the heaven you keep you stole...
So love is big bigger than us
But love is not what you're thinking of...
IT'S what lovers deal it's what lovers steal
You know I've found it hard to recieve
'Cause you my love I could never believe...


Jesus, Jesus help me...
I'm alone in this world
And a fucked up world it is too...
Tell me, tell me the story
The one about eternity
And the way it's all gonna be...
Wake up wake up dead man...
Wake up wake up dead man...

Jesus, I'm waiting here boss...
I know you're looking out for us
But maybe your hands aren't free...
Your Father, He made the world in seven
He's in charge of Heaven
Will you put in a word for me...
Wake up wake up dead man...
Wake up wake up dead man...
Jesus, were you just around the corner ?
Did You think to try and warn her ?
Or are you working on something new ?
If there's an order in all of this disorder
Is it like a tape recorder ?
Can we rewind it just once more...
Wake up wake up dead man...
Wake up wake up dead man...

Wake Up Dead Man

I don't believe in painted roses
Or bleeding hearts
While bullets rape the night of the merciful
I'll see you again
When the stars fall from the sky
And the moon has turned red
Over One Tree Hill

One True Hill