Adam Clayton

Adam Clayton, the oldest guy of the band, was born on March 13th, 1960 in Chinner, (Oxfordshire, England) to Brian and Jo Clayton. His sister, Sarah Jane or "Sindy" was born a few years later, to be followed by Sebastian (born in Dublin). When Adam was 5, the family moved to Malahide where Adam was shipped off to private boarding schools. Brian Clayton was a pilot for Aer Lingus and his job could require him to leave at a moments notice, so having Adam in a permanent home was good. However, Adam hated it.

He never liked school. He was a slacker, hated team sports, hated rules, regulations, and all that stuff. Moving onto high school, Mount Temple - where the Clayton's money would not be wasted - Adam had even more fun. He dressed hippy (glasses, coat and beads), occassionally streaked the halls, and hung out with the cool kids. Music or comedy was what he wanted to do, but not school. He jumped at the chance to be in a band, and after the formation of Feedback *, he threw everything he had into making it happen. Adam was expelled from school later, and he became U2's manager - this was decsive to the band. Adam went out, talked to people about the music business, tried to get gigs - basically organizing what U2 did and when. Later, when the band got Paul McGuiness, they would turn out to be great friends. (This is for more than one reason. Adam was the only non-religious person among them. Paul didn't buy into it as much as Bono, Edge, and Larry did, so the two often sided with each other in arguments.)

Adam was the first person who believed in U2. He and was their first driving force. His qwerky personality still keeps them going. And what's with the Madam-I'm-Adam title ? Well you see, Adam's fashion sense is a little ecclectic and he likes to wear dresses. And he actually did get a chance to wear a dress onstage when U2 played as their own opening act - The Alton Brothers Band. U2 dressed up in wigs and some ugly shirts and played country songs. Adam was Betty, Bono was Alton, Edge was Luke and Larry was Duke. Most of the crowd didn't even realize it was the boys !

Musically, Adam is part of U2's "rhythm section" with Larry Mullen. Together, they form the backbone of all the sounds, the heart beat if you will. Adam has never contributed lyric wise like Edge ever has, and he has yet to sing a part on any album (that I know of, that is.) However he did speak a part on the Passenger's album on Your Blue Room and on the new version of Tomorrow on Common Ground.

In Adam's love life, there was Naomi Campbell, to whom he was engaged.
Naomi is the supermodel who walks into glass doors, y'know, that one. When the band was asked what they wished they had, Adam's response was Naomi Campbell. That was before Bono had met her on a plane and snagged her away to some dinner where Adam and the band would be. Sure enough he tripped all over his words and she was not impressed. Through some other chance meetings, the two fell in love, and got engaged. But they broke up just as fast as they got engaged.

With Adam and alcohol, drugs, etc., let's just say that Adam's always been the wildest member of U2. Adam got rip-roaring drunk one night during the Zoo TV Tour. He was so shitfaced he missed the gig, and his roadie Stu had to stand in for him. (Bass, what bass? Stu TV, Stuart Rocks, StuRopa!) Adam's done stupider stuff before, like being busted for marijuana possesion with intent to sell. The charges were steeped down to possession, and he donated some cash to charities and such. But still. Y'know Adam is a wild and crazy guy...

After that night in Sydney, Adam swore off drinking. During the break between Zoo and the recording of the next album, Adam's guardian angel Larry dragged him off to New York to study music with him. Hope he's keeping to it !

But this guy is still cool !

On a final, humourous note about Adam and Achtung Baby, according to the bassist:
"- Depending on the Photography, there would've been a much bigger fifth member on the sleeve."
If you see the picture of him with an X or a Clover, you'll know what I'm talking about. :)

In more recent news, Adam and Larry rewrote the themes for Mission Impossible - The Movie and he also worked on other stuff outise the band. Adam has also buzzed his head so he looks like a peach. But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

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