Larry Mullen Jr.

Lawrence Mullen Junior was born on October 31, 1961 in Dublin to Maureen and Larry Senior. His older sister Cecelia was born in 1957 and another sister, Mary, was born in 64, but she died in 1973. They lived in Artane.

Larry was another kid like Adam who bounced around from school to school. He attended regular public school, Scoil Colmcille (everything taught in Irish), School of Music (Chatham Row) and finally Mount Temple. He loved playing music, tried piano, then switched over to drums. This was another one who didn't like the rules - when it applied to music. Didn't like listeneing to the music teacher's boring exercises etc.. Larry played a brief stint in the Artane Boys Band until they told him to cut his hair - short. He then went to the Post Office Boys band. He had alot of fun there, but I guess it just wasn't good enough for the young Mr. Mullen.

His sister Cecelia bought him a drum kit and that's when he got the idea he wanted to be in a band. Once at Mount Temple, Larry posted a note * blathering about wasting money on a drum kit and did anyone do the same thing with guitars. Sure enough, some did. Out of all the guys in the band, Larry was the only one who could really play.

With the band, Larry is the other half of the rhythm section with Adam, although Edge does quite a bit of playing off Larry in sessions, too. In early albums, you can hear the military influences with the snare drums and such. Larry's prowess with the drum sticks has won him several RS awards as top Drummer. I guess U2 will have to hold on for a little while before "getting a Ringo"! Larry's also regarded as the level headed, conservative guy "who has never changed his hair" and he maintains a foot in the doorway of reality when it comes to U2.

Oh yeah, the uh, Lardence title. Well, there have been several occassions where the band members are talking about him and/or how to spell his name and Lardence just comes out instead of Laurence. I don't understand it either, I think it's a band "private joke".

I don't know about Larry and any illegal narcotics, so don't ask.

Love life wise, there's Ann Acheson. Ann is Larry's longtime girlfriend from high school and for whatever reason, they never married - something about having way too complicated lives for a marriage to survive. My theories are he was:
1. afraid of comitting;
2. didn't like the restrictions of no divorce in Ireland;
3. wasn't ready.
I really don't know, but now that divorce is legal, we'll have to watch what they do. But anyway, to break the only daughter motif, Larry and Ann had a baby boy on October 4, 1995 and they named him Aaron Elvis. Yeah, that's right Elvis. Larry's always had this thing for Elvis because "he wasn't just a car salesman, he was a car salesman who loved to play guitar and I really related to that". You have to see the Rattle And Hum video, when he sits on the bike. You just have to.

In most recent news, Larry along with Adam has rewrote the them for Mission Impossible-The Movie. He's sporting the clean shaven look and looking a tad on the thin side. A Tour will have him looking better.

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